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Hi, I'm Amy.
I help b
usinesses build successful teams offshore, 
first time around.

What we do

Your guiding light in the saturated world of offshoring

Deciding you want to offshore is one thing, navigating the market and implementing it successfully is another.


I partner with businesses to discover if offshoring is the right solution, and if it is, work with them to build and embed a successful offshore model.

Team Meeting

Already have a team?

You might have a single VA or an 80 person customer service team.

Businesses like this come to Frank for consultancy on optimising their offshore strategy.

Want to explore Offshoring?

You need an expert in the offshoring world who you can trust to advise on the ins and outs of offshoring.


Whether that's choosing an offshoring partner or making your first hire directly - we can help.

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Our Mission

We give our clients the knowledge, tools and systems for a successful, sustainable offshoring venture. And in doing so, we positively advocate for and create meaningful employment opportunities for people offshore.

Why Offshore?

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"Amy and Frank Consult supported Zonda People as it transitioned its Filipino team from a freelance to employee model.

We needed an expert in the Filipino BPO model and government legislation, but we also required the guidance of a savvy project manager that could move this forward for us at a somewhat unrealistic timeline. Sorry, Amy!

Amy delivered to the scope of works, and then some, the whole while embedding herself in the business as a peer and colleague, rather than a subcontractor. Her knowledge gained her credibility with stakeholders quickly, but it was her personality and drive that really cemented these relationships.

She’s heaps of fun balanced with pragmatism – I’d absolutely work with Amy again, and will continue to refer her."

Martin Longstaff, Zonda People

Happy clients

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